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 Monday, November 26, 2012

I was tagged in blog tag by Amanda from the Fabric Engineer.  


  • every tagged person has to tell 11 things about themselves
  • the person who tagged you asked 11 questions, answer them
  • ask 11 questions for the 11 blogs you're going to tag (the people you tag should have less than 200 followers)  
  • mention the blog that tagged you, but don't tag them back.

So 11 things about me.
1. My favorite food is Italian.  I just love spaghetti and meatballs as well as pizza and would be more than content to eat that every single day.  
2. I absolutely LOVE fountain Pepsi.
3. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.
4. My favorite color is red with black being a very close second.  
5. My favorite TV shows are Love it or List it and House Hunters.  Yes I really enjoy looking in "other" people's homes to see how they have decorated and live.  I find this fascinating!
6. I love taking Sunday afternoon naps after church and a big Sunday lunch.
7. I have 4 sisters.  
8. I have naturally curly hair and would do anything to have nice straight hair.  Go figure.
9. I enjoy watching movies and hand sewing binding on a quilt.  
10. The only Christmas tradition that we have so far is my kids get 3 Christmas gifts each in their "Santa" bag because the wisemen gave Jesus 3 gifts.  Hopefully we will develop more as the girls get older.  

11.  I haven't slept through the night for an entire week in over 2 years.  I wish my youngest who is now 18 months old would sleep through the night!

The questions I was asked:

  1. What is one of the best places you've been to?  Mackinaw Island with my husband.  I have not actually traveled very much.  
  2. Where would you like to travel to, even if not possible at the moment? Italy.  I have always wanted to go there and have pasta and pizza!
  3. What's the best thing you've made?  Chicken Tortilla Soup in the slowcooker.
  4. What do your family/friends think about your blogging? They have been very supportive and think it is pretty cool.  
  5. What else do you like to do in your spare time other than make stuff? Watch movies.
  6. What's the last good book you read? I haven't actually read that much lately.  The last book I read was the Berenstain Bears "Bedtime Battle" to my oldest daughter.  
  7. What's on your "to read" list? I still would like to read the Quilters series by Jennifer Chiaverini and catch back up on the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich.  
  8. What's your real job? Controller (accountant)
  9. Would you choose it again? Why or why not? No.  What I do does not provide any real good.  I either make rich people richer or rich people poorer depending on the month.  In addition, once you are an accountant, everyone asks you tax questions, which is okay, but I do have other interests:)  
  10. How many places (different towns) have you lived in since you were born?  1 - Michigan
  11. If you weren't living where you are, where would you live?  Maine.  I have always wanted to go to Maine.  From all the pictures I have seen it appears to be very beautiful and it reminds me of a "slower paced" life, which I crave.  
I'm also only tagging one person and the lucky individual is Lisa at Hilltop House Creative Works.  Here is my list of questions for Lisa:

1.  What is your favorite holiday?  
2.  What is your favorite Christmas tradition?  
3.  What's your real job?
4.  Would you chose it again?  Why or why not?
5.  What is your favorite part of the quilting process?
6.  What is the next project you plan on working on?  
7.  What is your favorite fabric line of all time?
8.  What is your favorite movie?  
9.  What is your favorite food?  
10.  What are some of your other hobbies besides quilting?
11.  Where would you go on your "dream vacation"?

Happy Quilting!


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